1. How is the meaning conveyed by the artist in your selected piece; is it through color? composition? Symbols?

For the explaining they said, she controlled her self before others and she had a second face. I feel related that everyone is shaping their second face to make themselves more comfortable in the public area.

  1. How would you express your feelings of being in a new space or culture using specific materials, shapes, or objects? Think of ways to translate something abstract/intangible into a tangible form

I would use some soft structure for the inside and some hard material have a specific shape for expressing the environment. I feel I slowly changed my shape after I come to a new environment. I feel I was really soft and slowly changed while I go to a new environment. But actually, my material did change. I am still who I am except I changed my shape.

  1. How does the piece you selected relate to your own critical object that you are designing for your partner?

She said she is controlling her self from the public. Ans for my design my inspiration comes from my partner put makeup. So, putting makeup is actually a way she is shaping her outlook.

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