I asked her how do you choose what to wear every day really shows what type of person she is. She isn’t the type of person will make a clear plan but she really likes to dress up. Even though she won’t consider what she is going to wear in the coming day before, she still will spend a lot of time on the outfit on everyday morning. I also asked her, “ do you like to change your style? Or try something new?” She really likes fashion and she loves to try some. These two questions help me to get to know more about her living habits and what type of person she is. This question really helped me to get to know her. Evelyn asked me “will you always think back what you did in a day and feels there are something you shouldn’t do?” This question really grabbed my attention. I’m the type of person will think a lot. And I always feel I can do better. So actually this really happened every day and I feel thinking back at the end of a day is really important for me. It also showed something negative on me, I always feel lacking in safety and I wasn’t really confident when I deal with something.

My partner and I are really close, so she relaxes when answering the question. I really like her answer. They all helped me shaping which kind of person she is. I’m not the type of person will consider dressing up is important. I only will do it when I have the time or some important event. But she will care her out looking every day which is really impressed for me. I’m thinking about probably spend more time every morning to pay more attention to my outfit. Her answer has pushing me to try to live prettier. Our habits have a huge difference. I will think about what I’m going to use or wear the day before which really help me save time. “ I will think out that when I’m going to go out,” Evelyn said. I will feel panic when I pushed all the work at the last time, but for Evelyn, she said, “for my work, I will always put them to the last day of the due day.” But those difference gives me a stronger feeling of what kind of person she is. The things she feels normal on herself popped up in my eyes because we are different.

According to the interview, I can feel she love makeup and dress up. She pays a lot of attention on her out looking. In the interview, she said, “I always like to change my styles and I like to do a different kind of makeup…different kind of styles”. And she said, “I will definitely thinking about everyday outfits cause it’s like, a thing to me.”Also, she likes to control her image through the public as I asked her if she comfortable if her friend takes her photo when she is unprepared? “No, I always look ugly when my friends took a photo… When I was not prepared.” Because the out looking are connected to the image through the public. It can show the relationship between her and the surrounding environment. I’m thinking about making a keychain or a piece she can use every day. Since she loves to make up so much I will make it related to makeup. I want to make a box that she can put her cushion in it and she can bring it with her every day. I’m thinking of using soft fabric as the material to her personality. And this an “outfit” I made for her make up stuff. I hope the color can fit her style to make it become part of her out looking.

  • How do you choose what to wear every day?
  • Do you like to tidy your room really frequently?  How much effort you will put in tidy your room?
  • Will you feel panic if you push all the work on the last day before the due day?
  • Do you like to change your style? Or try something new?
  • Are you comfortable if your friend takes your photo when you are unprepared?
  • Can you live without social media in one week?
  • Do you ever regret something so much that you don’t want to experience it again if you can?
  • Are you a confident person?
  • Will you always think back what you did in a day and feels there are something you shouldn’t do?
  • Will you enjoy to take care of your younger brothers or sisters?

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