invisible cities



Korean town is a super different and crowded place compare with other places in New York City. It can pack more than 100 shops just in one block. And the restaurants are not only on the first floor but also at a higher level. It’s a hard thing for me to find those hidden shop when I first come here. Korean BBQ is the most signature dish in Ktown. All of my friends have been to Ktown all had tried the BBQ here. Jongro BBQ is one of my favorite shops. This is a hot spot also in Korean. It will give a lot of free side dishes. You can always see people are waiting outside the store during meal time. Also, the dessert in Ktown is tasty. The bubble tea shop, Spot, and Paris Baguette are all popular. I feel having dinner with my friend is the most cheerful activities after busy weekdays. We will wait for the spot to eat together and we will chat. It always makes me less lonely. Also, there are some Korean makeup shops which Asian students really like. Their package is more cartoonist. They used more delicate patter and cute shape to catch girls, heart. Because I’m a design major students, I will always stop and check which kind of new design they made recently. For my daily life, my favorite place to go is the H market near my apartment. There is some special Asian food I only can but at this shop. It always gives me a feeling of going back to hometown. Shopping at that shop really inspired me the desire of cooking by my self since the food there are familiar. The life in Ktown won’t be boring for me. There is so many places are suitable for hanging out with friends. Also, there are so many places can heal me when I go by my self.

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