moving image mini task

1. what is the story told in each video?

the first one is a player playing the game, he was running on the field.

the second one is flowers are blowing and slowly changed to another picture. but using the differnt time for each screen.

the third one is a toy jumping on the floor. kind of like dancing

2. how is the story constructed? is it linear? non-linear? 

the first one is linear and the second and thrids one isn’t linear.

3. Are there any similarities amongst them?

they were all normal speed. it’s a continuous moving image. all were edited by people

4. Any differences?

the second one using the trick of each television show the same picture but end at the differnet time give a feeling of it use ended again and again.


From the installation, The GIF Elevator:

1. how these installation pieces made you feel?

The first feeling this space give to me is kind of anxious because I can’t take care of that television at the same time. But after the first time, I found out it’s interesting that the museum builds this elevator. When people go up star this elevator can absolutely tell what’s happening in this museum.

2. Did you have a strong reaction to one in particular? describe your experience/how it made you feel

The moving image is kind of wired. There is a boyish sculpture are twisting and moving in the empty space. The color add the light in the elevator gives an unrealistic feeling for me and this area is a completely different place. The light in the museum are more warm shade and dark. But this elevator  is so bright.

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