bridge project 2 sem

I choose this painting because I almost feel the wind while I first saw it. Unlike those normal painting describe sky this one is used a different point of view. It brings you between the cloud and faces the blue sky face to face not looking up to it. It brings me back to the memories I took the airplane every time I go back to China. I can see the cloud was so nearby and everything, the ship, the building seems so far away. The using of color is also really strong. Rather than using some transparent white to create cloud the artist choose to used a hard and heavy white gray and blue to create the value of the cloud. It makes the painting less realistic while makes everything more like a dream landscape.

From my personal point of view, I feel truth is a thing which can change in different people’s eyes and at different time. And the sky is the same. The sky is different in everyone’s eyes. You can get the opposite feeling while you see the sky from a different point of view. And the sky isn’t stable, it will change from time to time. That’s the reason why I feel this paint is combined with the theme of truth really well.

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