Bridge 3

The research statements or concepts I’m exploring in my Seminar class.

Is it a good thing to have a perspective shift? I think it’s ok to change the truth we believe. I started this question because some people said the truth is the truth, it cannot be changed. But I want to bring a new way to understand the change of truth.

4 Examples of Artists/Designers that are working in the same concept as I do.

  • this new installation by artist Michael Murphy, one must view it from a specific angle. Called Damage, the sculptural work consists of a sea of 1,200 ping pong balls, painted black, and then suspended from a ceiling. Opened just last Friday at the Association for Visual Arts, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Damage is meant as a way for us to really start talking about the controversial role guns play in today’s society.
  • artist Pia Mnnikk observes and recreates physical paths of the human form, depicting small intervals of movement within a space, in her Dj Vu series. Using tulle fabric and ink, the artist presents a series of ghostly silhouettes cutting through different rooms, as though each flowing panel is a moment frozen in time. Time Mapping Installation Reveals Human Movement - My Modern Met
  • “Release” is a monumental sculpture created by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli as a tribute to Nelson Mandela on the 50th anniversary of his capture by the Apartheid police in 1962.
  • installation - could put different shapes within transparencies, would have to look from one angle.

3 examples of monuments or public artworks that you think are inspiring.

The power of art: epic Yugoslav monuments in the Balkans - Lonely Planet

Why mastering the ability to shift perspectives is important, and how you can do so.

The Intimate Paint-Drop Sculptures of Chris Dorosz | Hi-Fructose Magazine

the beginning of a new book!?

New York artist Michael Mapes creates elaborate specimen boxes by dissecting photographs and then compartmentalizing individual fragments within plastic bags, glass vials, magnifiers, in gelatin capsules and on insect pins. The boxes exist in an uncanny area between photography and sculpture, functioning both as portraits and as fascinating scientific canvases that make you question the the logic behind the organization of each piece.

4 material ideas 

paper, glass, thread, plaster,

The location of my monument/public art piece.

Must be located around the Parsons Campus.

at the side of the UC building

3 sketches of my ideas.

 Bridge 4 project. Example: miniature of the monument, costumes for a public art piece. 

I’ll make a public art piece which is like a paper folded piece and you can see the words changed while you walking through it. which isn’t that high so that people cans et on it. truth and fake is kind of how the inspiration comes to us, and for the future, I plan to make a series of a word to kind of inspire students and give them a place to rest and also create.

1 mood board 

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