1.  Introduce yourself:
    • Your name, major, and anything else you want the audience to know about you.
    • skye, fashion design major, study in American so I have a time feeling all the things I believe is changing. I used to be trapped by this question, that is that a good thing to change the thing I believe.
  2. An overview of your Seminar Research Topic and findings.
    • I researched what did people feel for being changed. and why people have a hard time accepting they will change.
    • I write about it’s a good thing for people to have an open mind and being changed. For those people feels the same thing I feel, I hope they can also understand the importance of changing. Truth for a person doesn’t need to be unchangeable. The changing can bring new started and new feeling.
    • I found out that everyone will change the truth they believe even though they believe they didn’t
    • Use images to show what you researched!
    • Image result for changing perspective
    • 2009 | UN Copenhagen Climate Change conference, has released an advertising campaign featuring spliced portraits collated by photographer John Clang. Print advertisements and a stop motion short film convey the message: “6.8 billion people. One Voice."
    • Image result for change is good
  3. Introduce your Studio Project.
    • The design of this monument is using the soft structure. It was made of fabric and wool felting. When you stand at the front of this monument, You can see all of those pieces made a tree together. Which represent how does prospective growth. 
    • The final look or what we believe as truth is like this monument made, It isn’t made by just one part, It’s the outcome of keep adding and changing. 
    • Because the building of people’s perspectives, the truth they believe is like the growing of a tree. It isn’t stable and unchangeable things. It will change and it will grow. so I made. a tree represents the perspective. and it will be added and growing.
    • I used the wool for felting and the organza is for the fabric to hold the wool. I used the white transparent organza to make the whole picture clean and can let people pay more attention to the growing of the tree in the middle.
  4. Documentation of your final piece.
    • Final Image of the work photographed professionally (clean background, maybe you edit the photos).
    • I’m thinking about putting it at the side of the UC is because this idea is inspired by Parsons. Everyone is being brave to chance their dream and being brave of overthrew their own idea or the truth they believe.
  5. end with.
    1. Everyone is being brave to chance their dream and being brave of overthrew their own idea or the truth they believe. Being creative and being your self is the most important thing. Hoping there is no one being tortured of being their selves, being lost of changing their idea and deny themselves of thinking they are weak to change the truth they believe.

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