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Response Piece – Technological Nature

My project responds the concepts explored by Daria Jelonek’s project Technological Nature. In her video, Jelonek captures moments where natural phenomena like light and heat are displaced into an unnatural context. The stark and eerie video provided me with inspiration for a photo series featuring my past work. In an earlier project I had created a piece where plastic imitated a natural substance like fur. Many artists and designers imagine a futuristic world full of plastic even though it is very unsustainable. Jelonek’s video highlights that point and creates a stark and haunting version of the future. In the images I created, I imagined a world filled with excess amounts of plastic and waste and the suffocating feeling that is associated. The model’s blank expression only adds to the stark nature of the photos. The piece acts as a critique of many innovators work just like Jelonek’s Technological Nature video does.


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My response piece: 

Model: Lillian Chen, Photography and Styling: Zachary Fernandez

In this version, I took inspiration from the Apple alert noises featured in the video.

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