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Poetry Generator – Word Corset


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My inspiration initially sparked when scrolling through Instagram. I came across this fun fact page that listed interesting and weird facts about random topics. I found it super interesting how CIA agents would use their shoe laces to communicate messages to their peers. This low-tech encription system inspired me to adapt it and create a corset type thing using the words from my initial street poetry.



Please love your bold but gimme kind

Colors stop variety back we need danger ahead I want life

I truly with ego a no worthy generate worthy you 24/7 love now is harmony political

Bold for immigrant want love zone the hate my pray immigrant zone

I now need break and free therapy




Wait love only no hate

Couple gimme bold $ but kind

I want back colors danger variety we forgive life

A worthy love with 24/7 harmony generate truly

We with the true want for love pray

More free therapy

I will have power


Wait now only love hate

But bold kind

Want life heroes we need stop forgive

Now truly worthy with 24/7 harmony

We stop hate love with true mood

I now break free

Today I have will power



No hate only love and hug please

Your $ important

I want life but danger ahead we need heroes

No love is worthy No political harmony now

We want true love for the immigrant stop the hate

I need therapy and I need more now

I want power and I want you today



Only love no hate wait hug please

Gimme your bold important but kind $

I need variety but want best life forgive danger we need heroes back

You generate love 24/7 with harmony now I truly love back no political ego

We want immigrant love featuring my bold true zone

I break free now I need more therapy

I want you today will have charm

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