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The beauty under the mask

In this project, My insertions are from the Middle East culture and the outfit of MiddleEast women. The women there have equal rights as men, they can’t express  themselves, not allowed to wear colorful clothing because of their religion. This has been a controversial issue, so I want to state my own opinion through my art work.

Also, I got inspired by The Maison Margiela 2017 spring summer haute couture collection. In this collection, the designer put organza mask on models’ face and sewed the cartoon faces on it. So the models have a second face. I added some ironic elements into my mask to illustrate how women were treated in the Middle East. I’m planning to use wires to make the second face on top of the mask. For me, the second faces represent the vile that Middle East women wear daily, the black veils cover their beauty and true selves, the veils just like their second faces.

Also, I inspired by the architecture, technology and modern culture.  These three elements for me, represent the freedom, in my opinion, freedom type of beauty. In August British GQ magazine, the model Cara Delevingne like a solder from the future, independent and free, also fall of power. I want to make my mask like a modern helmet, to encourage the Middle East female fight for their freedom like a soldier.


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