BRIDGE 1 FINAL: Memory Montage

These are the three original photoshop pictures. I inspired by one of Robert Rauschenberg art piece, named canyon. Robert used oil, pencil, paper, fabric-covered mirror, fragments of a man shirt,  cardboard box, wood bean in this artwork. The thing I most inspired in this piece is the bird that hanging on the canvas.

In my artwork, I chose to talk about my memories of New York City. I used photos I took in the past few years and used photoshop to combine them; after I printed out these pictures. I used beer, coke, water which fall of cigarettes. I used these color liquids got all these pictures wet, and put them outside of my baloney for one day to dry them out. This artwork was inspired by my first memories of New York City ten years ago. In my mind, New York represents freedom and passion. So I used feathers the created a vision that the birds were under the paper. Also, I made this artwork looks like these posters on the wall,  to present the memories of New York that in my mind.




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