7 days studio

day 1: Sep 22th

My pattern told me that her childhood memory is during one summer, she went to the countryside for a week, she calmed the tree every day, and that’s her one of happiest memories when she was little kid. So I decided to make a cardboard tree to her.

day 2: Sep 23th

Amber was cooking tomato fried eggs, and she was answering my questions.

day 3: Sep 24th

Amber was singing one of her favorite Chinese pop song.

day 4: Sep 25th

Me and Amber were doing the camera-phone exchange project.

day 5: Sep 26th

These five drawing of Amber’s face. In five different styles. I enjoy drawing her face with color markers. I can combine different shapes and different colors to present her face. The hardest one probably going to be the still life drawing, I’m terrible at it, but it’s a good practice.

day 6: Sep 27th

These are three videos that present Amber’s emotions. Though Amber’s body languages and facial expressions you can see nervous, confused, and bored. In the first video, Amber pretended that she was doing her homework, and she was confused about it. In the second video,  as you can see through Amber’s face, that she was pretty boring. She was sitting on a chair and searching around. In the third video, Amber didn’t show her face, all we can see is her hand, playing with her sleeves; and her leg was moving around. We know she is nervous.


day 7: Sep 28th

Amber told me, one of the foveate things to do will be shopping. I knew that Amber is interested in fashion. So I used black wires to create this shopping bag to her.

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