In the beginning, William McDonough gave an example about a plastic duck, which he called a bird, this bird can cause cancer, but this toy bird is design for children. So he is the question is, what the meaning of being a designer, being a designer, how to design something to change the world, to protect human, how to save our environments, how to create a better world. Also, William gave many examples of how important that design relates to human culture. He mentioned when he growled up in HongKong, and when he studied at Yale. Also, he talked about how his company tried to create the product that won’t risk human body. I think being a designer; it’s essential to create something creative, also it’s important to create something that able to benefit and project human culture.

In the second lecture, Alex Steffe started with some questions; he asked: “It has an amount of impact on the planet that’s measurable.How much stuff goes through your life, how much waste is left behind you.” He said that although human culture had created so many works. It seems like we live in an amazing society today, but this society has lots problems, we used about five planets, but we don’t have five planets, and the only planets we have, are being wildly used in unfair ways. Nowadays, scientists and designer are trying hard to create these green city, to save our plants, but in many developing countries, it’s impossible to build their cities into the bright green city. Also, he talked about Leaf forging, cell phone using, and water problem. In the end, he asked everyone, how the create a sustainable future.

Suzanne Lee is a fashion designer; she always thinks fabrics is animal skins, cotton, factory, plastic. But until she met a biologist, she changed her way to think fabrics; she introduces one of her fashion pieces that created with sugar, green tea, few microbes and little time. Suzanna introduced the processes of making this cloth; I was shocked when she shows the pictures of her fabrics farm. All the clothes she made are all organic, which I never think that way before, she doesn’t need to dye to change color, all the color are of fruits and vegetables. In the end, she mentions, microbes use in medications, fashion, and she believes that it can use in many different ways in the future. I think being a designer, use all organic materials is incredible ideas; it makes human more close to nature.

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