cross course reflection

My name is Ziming Gong; I’m a student at Parsons The New School. My major is fashion design. I took five different classes this seamster; each class is working on various chief skills. For example, in 1800 ESL class, our professor Jaclyn taught us how to paraphrase a good resource, she also taught us how to write our papers in interesting and unique ways. I think the most important connection between academic studies and studio making is that academic studies give students a betters idea and help students to explore more inspirations during studio making. A good topic will always make projects or papers exciting. I enjoy combining my artworks with different historical backgrounds and other interesting media, learn and explore more knowledge while creating my artworks. I think further research have always been helpful, because it can help me have a better understanding of what I’m doing, even give me better an inspiration when I was creating my artworks or writing research papers.

One of the highlights of this semester probably will be my all the video editing skills I learned in Time class. As a fashion student, I always on how to create a unique visual effect for my works. In this semester, I learned how to create an interesting video storyboard, also learned how to edit different clips on Premiere, and edit with different sounds effects, which I think it’s valuable for my career. One of best project I made in this course probably is my final project. Our professor asked us to make a video that explains a person’s personality. The book named 24 Billy inspired me; it’s about a man who has 24 different identities in his body. So I made this video about persons who have seven different personalities, thee are the gentle businessman, rich mean lady, introverted candy boy, horny lady, friendly next door teenager, irritable worker and a fitness coach. Each character dressed differently and I planed different lines for my actor to speak, that can show his various identities. I pretty that I chose a unique topic, and I filmed some exciting clip.

The second highlight if this semester I believe will be my soft structure class; this is also one of the most valuable experiences I have in this semester. Because our professor Catherine taught us how to create clothing pattern, give us a better understanding of what is healthy material. Also, I learned how to use a sewing machine and create my artworks with the material I never use before. I think I learned some handy tips in soft structure class, which can help me out on my sophomore year when I start my major as fashion design. One of the highlighted project I made in this class probably going to be the final project too; because it is this the first piece of cloth, I made in this entire year. I created a birds nest structure poncho that made of wood. The bird nest inspired me; I wanted to use this project to show how mother nature protects us and to express my love to nature. I only used two materials in this project- wood and glue. I glued the wood chip layer by layer, just like how birds create their nest. It turns out successful and exciting; it has a substantial visual impact also people can wear it at the same time.

I’m looking forward to my sophomore year at Parsons; the first year foundation courses officially ended, and we all going to move into our major, which is quite exciting. Although I have no idea what we are going learn next year, I’m pretty sure fashion major won’t be too easy, but I’m willing to take this challenge.

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