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What was the greatest challenge and triumph you experienced on the final project?
I think the biggest challenge of this final project is to find a good way to present my idea properly because I topic is about the benefits of wearing animals furs and against these people who against animals furs in extreme ways. Also, another big challenge of this project is the sew all the furs together. Because I’m making an American flag with furs; in this project, I have to sew red, blue and white fur together; it is really hard to sew different pieces together on the sewing machine.
What was your most successful project this semester?
I think my most successful project of this semester will be my final American fur flag project. Because I think the present this work in such a unique way, and I clearly express the ideas.
Describe a moment of learning during this course.
As my final project, I was just planed to make an American flag with some fur, but something exciting. But after I talked to the professor, I learned that I should create something more interesting, something that other artists haven’t done before. So in the end, I changed my plan and made my American fur flag more unique.
What do you feel could have been improved about this course?
Be honest; in the begging of this class, I have no idea what am I doing, I do not have a clear plan for each of my project. But after few months, I think I have better skills to plan my project and figure out the best way to present my ideas; and that is one of the improvement I’m pretty proud of.
What could you have improved on in your efforts?
I wish I could be a more efficient and hardworking person. In most of the time, I complete my project in last minutes, which if I complete each project earlier, I could have time to figure out how to make each project more flawless.
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