Int. Studio & Seminar 1: Bridge Project 4 – Integrated People & Places 2

Video   Sketches, Notes & Pictures Coco Chanel: Point of view angle— blank then opens eyes— looking at the ceiling. Film the legs— walking Get on car Legs– walking on the street( different street scene) — holding flower Sit-down Taking notes— type-writer Clock— calendar Coffee  Ending— Walking on the street—crush into each other— black Black […]

Seminar Final Post– First-Semester Reflection

First Semester Refelction Bio: My name is Cindy Biao and my major is Strategic and Design Management. I have always wanted to study this major because I am interested in both business and fashion, and this major is the perfect combination of these two fields. Summary: Throughout the semester, I experienced and completed art through […]

Time– Tableau Vivant & Book Project

For this Tableau Vivant Project, we chose pictures that were taken from a party. We organized the photos from the warm-up of the party, events during the party and the aftermaths of the party. This series shows a pass of time, and how people change during a passage of time. I arrange them in a horizontal […]