Fashion History: Project Proposal

This is a picture of my Aunt Michelle at a family Christmas party in 1992 with my Uncle Nicky. I think this picture holds an a lot of social contexts because it shows what was considered stylish during that time in dress, hair, and accessory. During this time, shoulder pads were very popular in fashion and tight silhouettes or silhouettes that showed off the feminine form. I am a big fan of clothing that shows off a woman’s natural curves, and I often incorporate shoulder pads in my designs as a symbol of power and elements that exaggerate the feminine form. Furthermore, I have a personal connection to this picture because I like to feel powerful, feminine, and beautiful in the clothing I wear and often exaggerate my features. I also love avant-garde clothing with sparkles and fringe, and I appreciate that my family did in the past. It makes me happy that they have an appreciation for fashion because it’s where I got my love for fashion from.

This is a picture of my nana Marlene, my dad’s mom, in 1991 at a Christmas Party. From observing the fashion in this family photo, I can see what was popular in style in the early 1900’s. I can tell that shoulder pads, body-conscious silhouettes, vibrant colors, and beading were popular. I can also see that the large permed hair was in fashion with big glitzy jewelry. I love this style. It is very bold, and I am a daring dresser and designer. As mentioned in the picture above, I get my taste and style from my family and hometown, New Orleans, and I take an appreciation in knowing that they have and still have an eye for fashion.


This is a picture of my mom and dad in 1991 at a dressy party. I like this image in addition to the others I showed of my family members fashion in the early 1900’s because it shows different types of clothing that symbolized the 90’s depending on the event they were dressing for. The other outfits were cocktail wear featuring glitzy outfits. In this picture, my mom, Holley, is still dressed up just with a much simpler silhouette featuring white silky, sheer stockings. However, you still can see that the shoulder pads and tight silhouettes of the 90’s are still relevant even in a casual version of cocktail wear. 



This is a family photo of my dad, Shane, with his two parents and four other siblings Michelle, Stephanie, Chad, and Shawn taken in 1982. While observing this picture, I noticed some fashion trends that I also recognized in the 90’s and that was the shoulder pads. However, I also noticed some differences and that is a longer silhouette for ladies dresses and deep neckline. Although I love the 90’s fashion, I also have an appreciation for the early 80’s fashion, because it allowed for a modest look for women, yet powerful and womanly at the same time. I like the classic and elegant dress of the women, especially my Nanny Stef in this picture in the white elegant loose blouse and tailored trousers giving an effortlessly, timeless, and classy look. What I also like about the 80’s is the bright colors used fashion, especially high fashion which we see come into play in the early 90’s.



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