bridge 4

    First of all, this painting named  The Piano Lesson. The story that I want to create is story about complicated love. Just like the relationship between metronome and pianist. The piano gives me a feeling of elegant, honorable and noble. The boy plays the piano is the emphasis of this painting. At lower left corner is his piano teacher actually, but at first I thought it was the mother who accompanied him to practice.  I add  flowers into my final project, there have two reasons: one  I thought that is mother’s love, which is soft and warm. Also the boy looks like flower which is supported and protected perfectly by parents. Maybe we all know, the metronomes is really important to pianistas  parents who is significant and cant to replace , metronome cultivates the pianists to grow together and make  beats more accurate. According to my experience as a child, my piano teachers are always strict. This art seems to be restrained. because I was learning piano lessons when I was in kindergarten, I thought they destroyed my childhood, i dont have my free time I cant enjoy my limit childhood. My childhood was totally same as the  metronome. It repeated the same action们,I did not have any expecting, nothing new nothing fresh. We all know  process of practicing felt lonely and boring always.  in my final project I combine the flowers with the mechanical parts. The  reason why I use black and white is to create a sense of depression, even if the flowers bloom.

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