Assign 3:Communal Pods










In this project i want use my wood to create an communal pods, the main polyhedron I choose is the rectangle and trapezoid, my project can  adjust the height of the seat, and the reason why  is trying this project to me more diverse, multi-element, and practical, and it has many uses. You can lie down to have a rest and sit on it when you are during reading and writing. i think this project is more complicated, but i really enjoy the making process of assign 3, that was a lot of fun, because this is my first time to make a adjustable 3D project. I use purple and green, because my favorite character is the clown in The Dark knight by Heath Ledger. he wears the invariably handsome suit with those two colors and his strange white mask face.


In the beginning I want to make two stitching chairs.









Bristol project:













Making process:


























I was very entangled in the process. I always changed my mind and made it more perfect. Finally, I turned him into a chair that could be rotated. I think it is interesting, he is very much like Lego toys, and there are many ways of using it. i want to put this design in airplane and Shopping malls.








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