Vis Comm: Book

My whole project starts with this paper mockup, by building this mockup, I have a clearer and more organized idea of how to build my artboard in Illustrator and InDesign.

The spreadsheet below is the printing layout for my booklet project. Because I designed my book’s binding as accordion style, the process of making the actual book has been more complicated than I expected. Most plotters could not support double sided printing. And regular printers were not able to print 40*24. 

Also, I met another problem while uploading my project on the canvas. As the single pages of each page of my book show the expected color. My layout file’s color has been changed a little bit after I upload the file onto canvas which I haven’t figure out how to fix this problem. As the picture below indicated that it looks normal on the regular screen.

Then I printed out the layout and glued two sides together. The process of making the actual book has been difficult. Because the two oversized sheets need to be perfectly lined up. Cut lines need to be clean. So I tried 2 times to reach the better result.