Vis Comm: MENT Movie

We spend this semester designing logos, booklet, and movies under the theme empathy and advocacy. My visual designs are inspired from the empathy for mental illness groups and advocate for noticing, embracing and curing. As our class has finished the logo and booklet, the last project is to design and make a film that works or reports for the association that each of us has designed.

For this movie project, I structured my main frames and proposed an ideal outcome for my movie. But unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to finish every scene from my storyboard.

But I cut some short experiments to explore the possibility of accomplishing my initial idea as well as use as many platforms as possible. During the process, I mainly used Premiere Pro to edit the motions and frames. After finishing the structure, I exported my movie and used iMovie to add subtitles. Personally, iMovie is more user-friendly than Premiere. I wanted to create animated gifs for my frames in Photoshop, but my friend recommended me another website to create gifs faster and easier. So I used Raw and created 2 animated gifs.

Earlier in this semester, I read an article about time and music parallel montage in filming and editing techniques. So I also made this experiment using my theme. If I have more time, I would definitely finish this whole movie and added in my work.


Vis Comm: In Class Drawing 2