No Waste Garment Final and Process

This project was one that truly kept my interest from start to finish. I am very interested in sustainable fashion design so learning this method of designing is very important to me. When I first thought of how to make a garment “no waste” meaning you use every piece of fabric you buy, my mind jumped to lingerie. I was thinking about the pattern pieces and the shapes the patterns of lingerie would be and most of the pieces are either rectangles or triangles. I figured that would be a good jumping off point. I started with a collection of sketches and chose one of my favorite designs. I decided to commit to making a lingerie set using one yard of fabric. This amount of fabric ended up being one of my main hurdles because there was so much of it to use. If I were to do this assignment over again I would find somewhere that would sell me half of the amount of fabric I purchased. With the extra fabric I went on a problem solving journey. My final look ended up being a two piece lingerie set, bra and panties, a shall or skirt and a textured headband, shown in my hair in the final photos. Overall, I highly enjoyed this process of working and it really pushed me to think outside of the box with my design work. At one point I even used scraps of fabric inside another strap so every single last bit of fabric was used in creation of this look. I am very happy with the outcome, and I will keep this process in mind when designing in the future.


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