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# 1 Reading Post

Choose any two of Christopher Breward’s aphorisms from his foreword to Fashion Studies, which you read in Week 1. Explain what each of the two aphorisms means (in your own words) and explain why you agree or disagree with them.  … Continue Reading →

Final Project Reflection + Installation Photo

Presentation Pictures: Write a paragraph reflecting specifically what you learned, such as a new skill or technique, or a new way of thinking… What was that like?  I learnt and experienced a lot of new techniques this semester, for instance, working and combining… Continue Reading →

“Cross-Course Reflection”

Integrative Seminar 2 Learning Portfolio Reflection Post “Cross-Course Reflection” Instructions: Develop a cross-course reflection that compares and contrasts work you completed in your first year at Parsons, and post this to your Learning Portfolio (LP). This reflection will highlight your… Continue Reading →

Soft Structure: Final project Journal

Puppet Process Picture

7 May Updated Final Project LP Post

      Process Photos      1:Set up all the using tools 2: Printed out the photoshopped pattern                           3: Traced down the pattern on a tracing paper (marker… Continue Reading →

Integrative Seminar + Studio: Whitney Museum Research

Part 1. CONNECTION 1a.  Historical Case Study: Strike, Boycott, Advocate Research Issue: Strike, (Low Class) Working Class’s Living Condition Connection Between Case Study and Issue: The case focus on the protest of working class which related to my topic, which… Continue Reading →

30 April – updated Final Project LP post

  After the meeting with my instructor last week, I decided to redesign the patter of my wallpaper/ toile because me and my instructor both agreed with using Victorian Era history as the background is a better decision. Redesigned Story… Continue Reading →

Final Project IS2 – Visual Culture LP Post

    Explain exactly what you did on your Studio project since our last class.  Last class, I turned in my final project prototype (as above) In this prototype, I created a wallpaper, which indented to show the contrast between… Continue Reading →

Digging Deeper Into Your Taxonomy (bridge 3 part II)

What location did you visit for your visual research and what did you find?   The location I picked was the streets near Washington Square. How did the locations (museum/gallery/etc.) you visited expand/broaden/deepen your understanding of your topic? (this could be… Continue Reading →

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