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Research/Discuss/Make: Humans of the Anthropocene

Tableau Most of my garbage pieces are plastic and wax paper, I used a wax paper bag as the based board of my sculpture and glued clear plastic bags, plastic film box, wasted Chinese dates, paper food bags, contact lenses… Continue Reading →

Digital Flats & Specs Final

Learning Portfolio Post #5

Back to the same question “what is fashion”, I think I have a pretty different understanding now compare to the first week. Before I take this class, I never thought about the definition of fashion, it’s such a vague word… Continue Reading →

Learning Portfolio Post #4

      Comme des Garçons, ensemble, fall 2016, “18th-Century Punk” Collection, fall/winter 2016, Japan, museum purchase. 2017.52.1   I chose this Comme des Garçons F/W piece from the exhibition Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color. The main… Continue Reading →

Learning Portfolio Post #3 

        Overall Reflections I interviewed my roommate Eddie Kim last week. He is a sophomore Communication Design student in Parsons. I chose him because we live together and we are really good friend. After this interview I… Continue Reading →

Learning Portfolio Post #2

  These are the advertisements from the fashion brand GUCCI. Nowadays, we are still living in a society and culture that support the idea of males have power over females. As we look through any fashion magazines, it really hard… Continue Reading →

# 1 Reading Post

Choose any two of Christopher Breward’s aphorisms from his foreword to Fashion Studies, which you read in Week 1. Explain what each of the two aphorisms means (in your own words) and explain why you agree or disagree with them.  … Continue Reading →

Final Project Reflection + Installation Photo

Presentation Pictures: Write a paragraph reflecting specifically what you learned, such as a new skill or technique, or a new way of thinking… What was that like?  I learnt and experienced a lot of new techniques this semester, for instance, working and combining… Continue Reading →

“Cross-Course Reflection”

Integrative Seminar 2 Learning Portfolio Reflection Post “Cross-Course Reflection” Instructions: Develop a cross-course reflection that compares and contrasts work you completed in your first year at Parsons, and post this to your Learning Portfolio (LP). This reflection will highlight your… Continue Reading →

Soft Structure: Final project Journal

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