My main contribution to this workshop was bringing the idea up for making collages, in my mind I thought my group members wouldn’t really welcome the idea, but I was wrong. The embraced it (maybe because we didn’t have to buy anything) however, it was a totally great experience, especially when we had to do the mock-ups in class before the real thing.

Initially my feeling towards the workshop was total boredom. I felt it was just going to be my group and I pulling our skills together to just create and complete a workshop and probably never talk about it again. However this was far beyond what I even imagined and I’m even sure what Jen imagined. We all worked together, not just in our individual groups, but as a big community. Taking and sharing pictures amongst ourselves, helping other groups with their ideas and also generally having a great time. Getting people to do the workshop was definitely not an easy task, but we all tried our best to get each other’s participants to try other group’s workshops, which I felt was awesome.

I ultimately enjoyed myself, I played music (which was absolutely my favorite part, because we all had fun listening to some old jams!), took pictures, got people to come try our awesome collages and make postcards, danced around a bit and made new friends. I look forward to having more awesome activities like this, because it not only helps us as artists by learning new skills but goes further to help create bigger and better communities.
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