Cookbook/Memoir/Type Specimen

I shared a story with Steven about my mother and a specific dish that I have a personal heartfelt attachment to. With this story I’mm creating a cookbook about the food my mother made for me when I was younger with the exact recipe! It’s somewhat crazy to try and make this cookbook without getting hungry, well thats just me. I also think it’s very sad if you’ve got no story to share. (Where’s your childhood!)


First off i know the book is going to be the focus for the next ten weeks. The first  grid was be simple. However, I know as the assignment progresses the grid will become far more complex (Like the one we are currently doing!): currently I have started designing & composing the Cookbook | Type Specimen | Memoir. The final will be a 16-page, saddle-stitched book with self-wrappers.


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