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Computational Craft

WEEK 1: Cool project Here are a few projects which have inspired/interested some new directions: [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFyCetcEB0A[/embed] EL woven Wire¬† I…
the stars ~

the stars ~

For my story I wanted to illustrate a poem and make it interactive. I chose AE Housman's the Stars because…

Otto van Busch: Designing Capabilities It is the fact of the day in the world of design publishing: without professional-looking…


[embed]https://vimeo.com/162867302[/embed] Function one shows a single pixel traveling up the LED strip. The Real Quick Runner goes quite a bit…

Accelerometer Visualizations

Accelerometer + Processing https://vimeo.com/158870173 Accelerometer + Speaker https://vimeo.com/158880144 (same arduino code- Standard Formata) Accelerometer + LED lights https://vimeo.com/158956699 https://vimeo.com/158956948
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