Change of Due Date for Assignment 7

Some announcements/reminders:

The Distributed Narrative assignment due date has been changed from Monday to Tuesday, July 21!

Also, please remember that next week you need to reserve equipment for check out from the Equipment Center: DSLR camera, tripod, shotgun mic, boompole, Zoom H4n recorder. You need this equipment all week to shoot, so coordinate with your group- one person can check it out Mon- Wed, and another can check it out Wed-Fri.


Assignment #7: Distributed Narrative

Chance of Due Date: Tuesday, July 21


Working with your group, explore distributed storytelling using QR coding. You should use your own material (stills, video and/or audio you recorded with school equipment or your smartphone) and at least one external item such as news article, text, Twitter feed, Youtube, Vimeo link, etc. Based on in-class discussion on social engagement, your group will be creating a “story in public place”. This can be a neighborhood tour, short fiction, scavenger hunt, a personal reflection, or an advocacy project. Think of interaction possibilities: how can this practice expand the experience and engage new audiences? Consider explorative, archival and performative functions. Working together with your group, generate the codes (5 to 6 codes), post in public, photograph the sites (as evidence) and create a brief one page report that discusses your choices and the functionality of the project. Make sure you include the QR codes in your report and post it to our course blog.

You can use any of the QR code generators such as ,, or similar. Use one of the free QR mobile apps for Android/iOS to test your project and make sure it works.