1. How do you deal when in difficult or unfamiliar situations/spaces? Think of emotions and behaviors
    It depends on what kinds of situations that I placed. When I am in unfamiliar spaces, I will not begin the conversation. As I considered, it will be awkward if no one responds to me. In other words, if another one talk with me, I will response him/her ebulliently because I don’t want to make others have a bad experience.  Nevertheless, when I am “waiting” for others question, I feel nervous and always be in prepared. In this case, a shy girl always is my first impression for most of my friends. Actually, I am outgoing.
    In difficult situations, usually, I will find out the solutions myself through the internet. Nowadays, the internet is very convenient and reliable. Moreover, it can response me on time. Sometimes when I ask my professors or friends, they are busy with another work or they are not on the chat. It takes time. Still, professors one of the most reliable people for me to ask for solutions of our homework or technique problem.
  2. If you were to share a memory of one of these events, how would you do it? Through writing, telling a story, drawing?
    When I was in high school, I always participated in a student film festival or film competition in Shanghai. When I was in ninth grade. It was the first year that I attend a festival called S2F2 (Shanghai Student Film Festival). There was a tache called 8 hours challenge which means that all the participants randomly made film groups then use 8 hours to make a film. This was my first time. However, it seemed like a lot of people know each other well and attended before.  In this case, in the beginning,  I was very nervous and didn’t make any comment until a girl asked me about my thought. Then I began to talk about my comments about our shooting and script. In the end, we collaborated together well.

    Drawing of Site

  3. Find one piece in the exhibition that moves you (take a photograph) and explain why you chose it.
    The piece is named Days which created by Bruch Nauman. It is kind of rare that the artist used sound sense to create his art pieces. This art piece created by 10 peoples sound. The words that they speak are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but out of order. The artist use totally invisible way to show disorder timeline just like our memory.

    Days 2009 Bruce Nauman

  4. Is there a connection between you the piece you selected (question 3) to the ways in which you share memories and experiences through your art?
    I think the Days shows that unfamiliar sequence of the original orgainze of time. I think it just like our memory. When we recall the memory, the timeline of the occurrence may be thrown into confusion in our brain. Although my artwork doesn’t contain the sound piece, it also shows before, current, and the future just like the sound which have children, adult, and the olds’ voice. Both of our artwork represent three different periods of life.


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