Sem 1 Memory_Citizen

Ten Question: 

  1. Can you share a piece of your memory which is happy?
  2. Which animal do you like? Why?
  3. Where did you study in high school? Can you share your experience?
  4. What do you want to do in the future? Is it related to your major?
  5. What fruit do you like? Does it have special meaning?
  6. Which sports do you like? why? Will you be relaxed when you do it?
  7. What challenges did you face in New York?
  8. Which colour do you like? Why?
  9. When you are in a strange place what will you do?
  10. What do you prefer? Stay alone or with a friend? Why?


Sketch fo the Object:

Black Strawberry


My question is about my partner’s past, current, and future. The past can let me know about my partner’s personal experience. In this case, it gives me the information about which things are important to her.  Then, I ask a lot about her favourites such as her favourite animal, colour, fruit, and sports. I can make objects which base on her preference. The reaction what she is in a strange place can represent her own personalities. When I ask about her expectations of the future, I want to know her thought of herself development. She wants to have her own clothing brand. It indicates that maybe she wants to develop the fashion area. Because right now she is in photography major. If she needs to create her own brand, I think she will learn a lot about the fashion area. The question that I am interested in “What is your most memorable memory in united states.” Because America is totally new to me. I will face a lot of unknowable problem in a new situation.

After I learn about my partner, I find out that she is a cool girl who is like black. When she faced a difficult situation, she can get the solution quickly and be calm. I am also a homesick person, sometimes I very miss my family. All the time, after I make a phone call with my parents, I feel very sad and miss them. I think it happens a lot between international students. Because we live far away from our hometown. Sometimes I also prefer to stay alone. Because school life is very hard for me. I have classes, finish my homework. I also improve my filming skills. In this case, sometimes staying lone makes me feel relaxed. Newyork is a busy city. It has quick pease. It is good to slow down and keep myself alone.

I will make a wood felt black strawberry. Because strawberry is her favourite fruits. My partner also picked strawberry by herself when she was in China. In the interview, she said:” I like strawberry, and I will go to pick strawberries every strawberry season.”  And Black is her favourite colour. She thinks ” black is a classic colour that never goes out of style.” It also shows her personalities. Moreover, She prefers to be alone. It shows that she is a very independent people. In this case, strawberry represents herself.  I will make two leaves, the first one is green and leaf stalk will be red. Red is the colour of the Chinese national flag. So it represents that when My partner was in China she is happy and she lived in China for a long time. The other leave is smaller and yellow because when she is in America she fell very homesick and miss her mother.”I am homesick; I always miss my family, and I have to talk to my Mom in facetime every day, to tell her what happened to me that day.” Moreover, the leaf stalk is blue which the main colour of the American of the national flag.  the strawberry flower will be white, My partner prefers to stay alone which indicate that she needs blank time for herself to relax and do what every she what. ” I prefer to be alone mostly because I think being alone makes me more comfortable and freer. ” The meterial that I will use is wool felt. It has soft texture which also can repersent my partner’s personality. S

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