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In the beginning, I am very afraid to destroy the frame. But the process of Stapling nails is successful. I pretty enjoy the experience of creating my own loom. When I am in class, I found out that it was hard for me to loom ribbon on scratch without any tools. In this case, I got a needle from blick. It is an efficient way. I use caddice and yarn to create my own loom. I think there is a really good combination between them. Caddice is intensive, but the yarn is loose. It is a contrast between them. In my poem, I mentioned” broadcloth, gingham, and Chandra”  which is a type of fabric. For me, they give me a warm feeling. In this case, I choose yarn which has the same feeling for me. The loom includes the colour that I mentioned in the poem, purple and yellow. My poem is about life, I want people to find out their happiness from their daily life, to feel the warmth from daily life. Some I create this loom.



Kosmos raise Males and females

Males and females,

Males and females create lives.


Lives lived in the earth,


Earth contains water and oxygen gas.


Water excess, water excess,

rainfall, snow, wind,

turbulent, want to back home.

broadcloth, gingham, and Chandra

move it away

also fire, heat

the red day the year


red, yellow

the first day of 20

I don’t always feel colours

the stone the wall

the purple

of tall building


Final Product:


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