summer bridge2

this is a really interesting structure that using light material but showing the weight and value of the stuff.

the most important relationship between this artwork and my poem is it shows what’s the moral looks like right now. Heavy side represents the most people are standing the side of moral but actually, the heavy part is not the part full of passion. The light part that the few people understand what’s the truth of moral full of real passion making people’s society is making the good process.


This is my final product. And it is a wood piece that reperesent

Summer Bridge 1

I find out use hand to loom is really hard, so I made my own tool like a pen, cardboard something else. The tool can make things better a lot, saves people’s time. I decide to use wool because it has more possibilities to create work and show my idea.

the material’s color makes think about the people’s society are full of passion but also there is some dark side behind. Two sides to show how society is different, two parts and two sides. One is full of order and another one is full of massy

noisy sound on the street,

the cold wind is flowing,

noisy from the car and white rooftop is shinning.

the dirty mark on the window.

May 25th,easy going

Forget the noises and relax

First time breathing

Think about the time goes by

stand on the outside,

hold my books and pens.

East village under sunshine.


thoughts,live, moral

strangeness and green grass

this is the noisy, noisy from my heart.

Wind teaches me how to be.

to be or not to be

teeth over teeth,tone over tone,

September 1st morning day to parsons

everyone is busy in NYC.

Job offer,brand new,starbucks!

road light is off in the day,

but it’s light in the night.




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