Citizen- Title:Define Ourselves


The list of interview questions:

  • What are some social situations that make you uncomfortable?
  • Do you prefer a quiet environment or a lively atmosphere?
  • What do you do when you were misunderstood?
  • What do you do when you were sad?
  • What kind of things makes you stressed out?
  • Are you an organized people?
  • What kind of clothes do you like you wear?
  • Do you have any plan for the future?
  • Can you make some suggestion about your life now?
  • What kind of sounds do you like most?

The audio recording from the interview:

The reflection:

One of the definitions of the human being is called the higher animal. The biggest difference between humans and other lower animals is humans have language centers that other animals don’t have. Communication is the most basic way to build a relationship, and it also is a way to know somebody you don’t know before. Therefore, an interview is the most efficient way of communication. The interview can insight to the interviewee and his/her’s life deeper. Though the process of ask, response, and listen to built a system of information collect and record.

       The interview can help people reconnect with other people, even is the person you know before. My interviewee is my friend Katrina, she is the first friend I know in my college. I think I know her pretty well. But after the interview, she gave me a lot of unexpected answer. The part I know before just shallow. This interview let me know her social identity and thought in her deeper heart. The question I prepare for interview conclude various aspects. Those questions lead us to know her step by step, from shallow to deep. For example, I asked the “What kind of sounds do you like most?” It just a basic question but I get a lot of information here. She answered she don’t like any sounds because she likes a quiet place. From here I can know she is a person who likes quiet and what is her feeling inside of her heart. Also, I ask her question about now and future that can show her characteristic from her self-reflection and future prospects. Therefore, I think various aspects of questions would work to bring out my classmate’s experience. Change the side from the interviewer to interviewee, the feeling is different. One person listens and the other one is share.  When Katrina has interviewed me there is have a question is interested me which is “Do you still smile to other people when you feel sad?” This question has a very special perspective, this question is for know your mood control and the way you live in society. So, I think it is an interest question to know you from the detail and ordinary thing.

      I have renewed awareness with my interviewee also I have self-reflection for my social identity after this interview. I asked myself the same question again which is the question I asked for my interviewee. And I found something interesting. There have an answer for the presentation from Katrina caused my resonance, she seemed to speak my mind. She thinks speech or presentation can make her feel nervous and stressed out just like me. I found out we have a lot in common during this interview, like we both afraid of presentation and afraid talk with the person we don’t know. There have a lot of reason caused that maybe is our fear, maybe is our nervous. I may be a talkative person in front of with our friend and family, but I just afraid to talk with the stranger. I think quiet is not personality, that just the fear in our heart sometimes.  I want to speak more to other people and practice how to communicate with strangers. I think I can across the fear step by step, and become a better person.

      Form the interview I can know my interviewee is a quiet person. I asked “What are some social situations that make you uncomfortable?” and she answered “Presentations are the embarrassing time for me. I feel nervous when I speak to a lot of people. And I am don’t like the eyes contact.” So the purpose for my critical object is to provide a personal space for interviewee which is suit for her characteristic and it can make her more comfortable and relaxed. For the critical object, the object I make for my interviewee is a combination of ears and eyes patch. The ears patch and eyes patch become one integral object and I am gonna make it by the napkin. She doesn’t like the sounds and she doesn’t like to meet the stranger. I asked her “What kind of sounds do you like most?” and she answered “I don’t like any sounds because I like a quiet place. If I heard some sounds around me, it makes me feel noisy and it may affect my attention.” That is the reason why my project have a part is the ears patch is it can divide any sounds from outside. Also, I asked her “Do you prefer a quiet environment or a lively atmosphere?” And she answered “I prefer a quiet environment. I stay alone and I don’t like to meet the stranger.” Moreover, I make my object by napkin because napkin is soft and easy to get. The reason why I choose napkin is my interviewee like casual style. I asked her “What kind of clothes do you like you wear?” and she claimed, “I like the casual style.” Finally, I set a space for earphones inside of the ears patch because my interviewee said “I will listen to music all day, and I will also watch some short music videos to make me feel much more relaxed. Music can make me calm.” From this interview, I observe people’s social identity and review myself first. And finally, make a critical object from the interview. Step by step, I feel delighted for my progress.


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