This video told about the construction of how to make the game.  And the story consists by different part, basic part and advance part of the game. And it is linear.

This video told about the rule and the process of a basketball game. And the story is constructed because it shows the overall process of the basketball game. And it is linear.

This video told about the various cartoon character and doing the different thing. And the story is not constructed because only show the scattered scene and it is linear non-linear.

The similarity amongst three videos are three of the video is for introduced,  the difference is first two videos are linear and the last one is non-linear. And last video show on a different screen.


The GIF Elevator:

These installation pieces made me feel creepy, mysterious, and disgusting. And the body the floating between each screen and connect each screen. That my a strong reaction for me because those pieces have very three- dimensional.

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