Invisible Cities



The place I live in is a place where cultures meet and merge. I like this place a lot, but there still have something I don’t adapt to. I come from a laid- back seaside city. KTown is too busy and prosperous compared with my hometown. Everyone walks so fast, I don’t know the reason why they walk so fast. I always feel get lost in crowds that will make me think I am tininess. Also, I don’t like the smelly puddle on the street and the rats are always fleeing along the street. By comparison, I rather like the smell of the sea from my hometown. Sometimes when I want to sleep early during the school day, I always hear the noise from fire engines ring, ambulance ring, or Karaoke from downstairs. However, my love of the place allows me to accept and forgive these adaptations. I don’t have to worry about I will starve during the night time because there have hundreds of restaurant will open 24 hours downstairs. But more important is this place taught me how to grow up. My mom always does everything for me when I was in my hometown. I never need to worry I will forget to pay my electricity bills. I think independent is the biggest disparity between my hometown and KTown. KTown is the place the first time I live along. I went to Ikea buy the furniture along and set up everything. And I learn how to cook and how to do housework. I become real independent here.


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