Nature Journaling for Biomimicry: Entry 2

  • What does this organism do during the day? 

It takes in nutrients for the sun and doing the daily photosynthesize.

  • Does it do something different during the night? 

The process of respiration requires oxygen, so the organism consumes oxygen at night.

  • How do its colors and textures help it do its work?

The color of the organism is green because chlorophyll absorbs the least green light, the green light is reflected, so the leaves appear green. The texture of the organism can help transfer water and nutrients.

  • Is it isolated or does it live within a community?

This organism is isolated from a community because it places at the home and there doesn’t have plants here.

  • How does it acquire nutrients?

This organism absorb nutrients and water through their roots.

  • Does it produce any “wastes” or by-products?

Water and carbon dioxide are produced as wastes. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen through their leaves.

  • How does it relate to other organisms? 

They produce oxygen to other animals using light, water, and carbon dioxide to photosynthesis.

  • Does the individual’s impact on the ecosystem change over its lifetime. 

Yes, it does. Every single life has a role to play in giving back to nature.

  • How does this individual’s niche compare to your own? 

I think this organism made more contributions than me. It produces oxygen every day for me, but I always forget to water it.

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