Dress Practice Interview

When I was interviewing my roommate Defne, the first thing that caught my attention was how spacious and comfortable she was with her clothing space. Comparing to apartments in NYC, she is very lucky in this way. During the interview, Defne walked us through about how she organized her clothes; her method was sectioning out clothes depending on its type. For instance in the in the dresser, there were only tops and in the walk-in closet, bottoms and hanging clothes. She prefers this method rather than aesthetic look which was mentioned Sophie Woodward’s article. Even though Defne is my friend from pre-school, I still learn new things about her. After the interview, I realized Defne cares her comfort more than being stylish. She is very much into graphic t-shirts and hoodies worn with tights and sneakers. Now I am more careful with how she dresses and I also realized almost all her clothes are black. When I asked her she replied black keeps her cozy and grounded which is shocking for me because unlike her, dressing all black is suffocating for me, I like to add some bright colors into my outfit. Also, I like to look stylish and comfortable at the same time, while Defne just cares to be simple and comfy. After this interview, I started thinking about the relationship between our outfits and our bodies. I came up with a conclusion that items of clothing are the mirror of how we want to view ourselves, our clothes lets our body get objectified.


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