Score, Process, and Visualization: Color and Chance

For my score, I wanted to explore the neighborhood of Red Hook using a serendipitous approach. I explored several ideas but eventually chose to relate sound, color, and chance as the motivating factors to direct my score. The first two times I visited Red Hook, I was captivated by the sounds I heard, especially the loud crashing of the waves and the sound of the whipping wind. When I visited Louis Valentino Junior Park and Pier, I noticed all the public art in the surrounding area. There were beautiful murals painted on the side walls of buildings but what piqued my interest the most was this abandoned industrial red brick building right across from the park. The vibrant color of the building was a stark contrast to the surrounding area full of muted blues. Therefore, for my score I wanted the participant to explore an area guided initially by sound, chance, and then color for the duration of the trip. For the actual score, I created a 5.5″ x 8.5″ instruction card with a bright rainbow watercolor splash background as well as a cut-out square to function as a viewfinder. I wrote the instructions by hand in cursive using a black marker. When I performed my score in public, I was guided by the sounds of birds which took me closer to a field. For the rest of my trip, I followed the color green.

These were the score ideas I thought of in class:

This is a picture of the score card:

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The view from the Smith 9th Street Station:


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