Character Reflection First Draft

Throughout this first week of drawing and imaging I’ve learned a lot that I would have never taken into consideration when thinking about drawing. The class has been a lot different then expected so far but in a positive way. I was nervous coming into the class because drawing has never been my strong suit but I have really enjoyed the work we’ve done so far. This was my first time learning about a diptych and what is it as well as my first time making one. I thought the idea was very cool and I was intrigued when I walked into class and I saw so many different takes on the prompt. It was defiantly a little nerve racking showing my idea because this was my first time showing my work to this class and also doing something having to do with drawing at all since I’ve been at Parsons. My favorite project we did in class defiantly had to be the mark making. I thought it was a relaxing way to learn and become more comfortable with drawing and learning how to move the brush on the page. Finally, in the last class we drew objects that were in front of us and learned how to shadow them. I’m starting to find drawing more and more relaxing as the class goes on. Though, many of my classmates are naturally talented in the class it doesn’t make me feel self-conscious but yet I try to learn from them and take in what they’re doing and why. I plan and hope that I will learn a lot more and grow in this class.

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