Discover and Investigating an Artist- Paul Gauguin, Puppies

Paul Gauguin, Puppies

As I was sitting here centering myself I began to think about what I did last night. Last night would usually have just been a normal night hanging out with friends but instead when we walked into my friends apartment we met his new puppy that he just randomly had gotten the day before. The shy, scared, nervous little puppy was surrounded by 10 giant teenagers he had never met before looking down at the nameless two month newborn. I then began to to try to think about names for the dog and thats when I thought that researching the word puppies could be interesting. So, I began to research different kinds of puppy paintings. Paul Gauguin’s painting called, “Still life by three puppies” stood out to me specifically because it reminded me of the nameless puppy from last night when he would go to drink out of his oversized puppy bowls.

Paul Gauguin, a Persian artist was born to a mother a father whom worked in journalism in Paris. In 1851 the Gauguin family left Paris for Peru lead by the political climate of the period. Three year old Paul’s father died on the way over, leaving the family all alone. Once Paul turned seven years old he and his family moved back to France. Then at age twenty he joined the navy and a few years later married a beautiful Danish women. Then began a life with her and over the next couple years had many children. Gauguin had loved art since he was a child and began to paint in his free time. While learning about his skills and love for art he would frequently go to galleries to purchase upcoming artist work. As he slowly started to process with his work as an artist he was able to start to rent studio space to be able to show his work. After leaving France to become a stalk-broker and start a life outside of France with his family he then decided he needed to leave his family in Denmark and move back to Paris to paint full-time. Paul died at age 54 from syphilis right before he was suppose to start his sentence in prison.

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The portrait is called “Piti Teina Aka Two Sisters”


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