Andy Warhol- Colorful

After centering myself to find an artist the word colorful came to me and stuck with me throughout the process while I was centering myself. After I was finished with centering myself the idea of researching Andy Warhol for this project stuck to me because he is one of the most colorful artist out there with his love for pop-art.

Warhol was the leader of the pop- art movement of his generation. He lead his work in the 1960s through speaking out about different political issues. Born and raised in Pittsburgh he always had a passion for art and once he finished university he finally took his career to New York to finally be able to pursue it to the full extent that he wanted to and didn’t stop till he felt happy about his work. The artist died at a young age tragically but his work still continued to thrive.

Andy Warhol – Cow Pink


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