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December 2018

Studio/Seminar Bridge #4 – Artist Journal

Even though from a very young age I have been certain of the fact that I am designer, I have always been on the fence about what it is that I want to major in within the art and design… Continue Reading →

Project #3: Social-Ecological Space: Monument

Proposal Document-2e1zq60 On the 6th of September, 2018, the Indian Supreme Court ruled to decriminalise gay sex, in a historic and unanimous verdict handed down by a five-judge panel that had a profound impact both  in India and across the… Continue Reading →

Final Piece – Gestalt Theory + Colour Theory

Inspiration – Georgia O’Keefe and Leslie Roberts  

Gestalt Theory


Museum and Personal Object Drawings

Value Scale Collage – Intro to Photoshop


Tessellation and Pattern Design – Intro to Illustrator

Drapery Drawing

Measurement Drawings


Perspective Drawing

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