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Project #3: Social-Ecological Space: Monument

Proposal Document-2e1zq60 On the 6th of September, 2018, the Indian Supreme Court ruled to decriminalise gay sex, in a historic and unanimous verdict handed down by a five-judge panel that had a profound impact both  in India and across the… Continue Reading →

Project #3: Social-Ecological Space: Proposal Document

Proposal Document-2e0c7ls

Project #2: Inhabited Space: Body Extensions – Final Form

Inhabited Space: Body Extensions Final Form: Maquette: Platonic Solids: Questionnaire: What is the cultural influence to your work? Tell us about its meaning/context and how it informed your piece. What does it mean to you?  How did you adapt, change, improve… Continue Reading →

Project #2: Inhabited Space: Body Extensions – Visual Research

Visual Research-1kwguo4

Space & Materiality: Project #1: Linear Planar Abstraction: Irritation

Linear Planar Abstraction: Irritation Final Composition:   Statement: The emotion assigned to me was ‘Irritation’, and through the manipulation of lines using armature wire and planes using fabric, this project abstracts this emotion in two different forms – a symmetrical… Continue Reading →

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