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Year 1

This is the parent category of all courses taken in year 1.

Studio 2: Bridge 1: Space of Solidarity

Space of Solidarity: Project Summary: sol·i·dar·i·ty /ˌsäləˈderədē/ noun unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group. an independent trade union movement in Poland that developed into a mass campaign… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Bending Geography

Assignment Description: Find a map of one of your town, city or neighborhood and see how much you can remove from it (such as secondary streets) and how much you can abstract features such as parks, rivers, roads and train… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: The beauty of Data Visualisation – TED Talk

Ted Talk Response This video address the importance of design in understanding data, and how good design helps us navigate through information glut and change our perspective of matters. David McCandless, the orator talks about how he sifts through heaps… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: ‘Simple designs to save a life’- TED Talk

https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_smith_shares_simple_lifesaving_design#t-802192 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Ted talk response: This video addresses the issue of how toxic fumes from wood used for cooking fires kill over 2 million children every year worldwide in developing countries. Amy Smith,… Continue Reading →

Seminar 2: Strategies of Home-Making

Strategies Of Home-Making Comfort One of the primary strategies in home-making that I identified through my research is establishing a feeling of comfort. Conventionally this is done through soft materials that support a persons body, like pillows, throws, couches or… Continue Reading →

Seminar 2: Notions of Home: Mind Map

The above is a mind map that documents the different perspectives and notions of home as observed in the following texts: How To Build a Perfect Refugee Camp”, New York Times “Songlines” Podcast Ben Rawles on “The City of Thorns”… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: The Design Process by Karl Aspelund: Ch 2 Identification

The Design Process by Karl Aspelund: Ch 2 Identification Reflection: Identification is a process within the design cycle where the designer identifies what the problem is, what the project demands, what the client wants. A designer’s concerns are to identify… Continue Reading →

Studio 2: Reverse Design

Assignment Objectives: Discover the design decisions of a device, object or system through observation and analysis of its structure, history, and operation. Help deduce design decisions from end production with little or additional knowledge about the procedures involved in the… Continue Reading →

Sustainable Systems: Trash Assessment and Creative Response

Trash Assessment: Trash Inventory – Sheet1-11mwjuf Reflection: I realised that I produced the most waste in the food category. This involved the maximum amount out of materials made out of Paper and Plastic. While one is compostable, the other is… Continue Reading →

Seminar 2: Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliography 30th January, 2019 Main theme – Concept of home, and how for many people its not stable. How To Build a Perfect Refugee Camp”, New York Times: McClelland, Mac. 2017. “How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp.” The… Continue Reading →

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