Seminar 2: Complexities, Complexities: Video Reflection


While watching this video about how property is divided on the bases of racial discrimination I noticed how race is so entrenched in every system in our society and it wade me wonder what it would take for us to overcome this injustice


Cooperation vs. Gentrification: Bed Stuy Strives to Stay Local:

When watching this video about the effects of gentrification, I noticed how it directly impacts the economic workings of a society, and the struggles it poses for the locals, which made me wonder how through the power of unity and effort, locals can overcome the ill effects of gentrification like they did in this video by sourcing their own food


Conversations From our Archive: Chicago’s 1995 Heat Wave:

While watch this video about the Chicago Heat Wave and the numerous deaths it caused it made me wonder about collectivistic vs individualistic lifestyles and its correlation to race. what makes certain ethnicities more individualistic over others? And how does this affect our percpetion of death.

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