Photo Frame Series

Photo Frame Series


I wanted the photos to be connected as one series based on their slight differences as well as their shared features. I arranged the photos in the way their differences naturally interact with one another, as in a gradual change, decreased intensity, or color movement. Therefore, the differences don’t counteract but effectively present their similarities.

The photos are taken in different time or setting, but all of them are human portraits. The sizes of the models in the frame differ greatly, yet they gradually become smaller. The first photo captures the models whole bodies that take up most of the space in the frame, the second photo captures half of the model’s upper body and in smaller size, whereas the third photo shows the kid’s whole body yet he is very small in the frame. The models are posing in completely different manners, but there is a certain flow in the way their motions change. The people in the first photo are facing towards the front, the person in the second photo is facing towards the left, and the kid in the last photo is facing the ocean at the back. The color palette of the photos vary a lot, from vivid red-blue tone to yellowish-green, and then bright sky-blue tones. However, the vividness of the color tone gradually change from the first to the third, from intense to normal, and then to very mild. The grains in the photos are big and create analogue feelings, making the series seems like a memory, a story from the past.

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