bridge project 02: reVerb

I was attacked by this wild pigeon! 

 The pigeons were having an argument in their little pigeon meeting.

 They were following the rule of walking in a triangular shape, on purpose.


One of the pigeons used charcoal to write a love letter on the stairs, to propose to the other pigeon. How romantic! 



A lonely pigeon was flying above the sea, reminding me of an eagle.


A pigeon was walking on the grass slowly while taking a precaution of me, probably thinking about attacking.

   A sudden wind blew the poor pigeon away!


That evil looking pigeon spread terror around itself, just by its existence.


 The pigeon dyed its own feathers to this colour.



I was on my way to Michael’s, it was the first time I took this route, it was really quiet, the trash smelled bad.

The pigeon was trying to cross the road.


A group of pigeons was eating bread on my way home. Probably the restaurant just threw out their leftovers.

 The pigeons were part of the sculpture, their dead bodies were grounded forever.

The pigeon painted the trunk and ran away.

The weather was a little chilly that day. I rested my hands from the heavy grocery and saw a pigeon that was standing on a construction tube.

Their eyes showed hunger, their next victim had no idea…

The pigeons were burying the dead bodies of the other pigeons that were killed in their fight.

I was walking with my friends at the Union Square, I looked up, a weird pump was on Lincoln’s head. That was a pigeon.

The pigeon tried to jump over the handrail, you go pigeon!

“Boss, who we kill next?”


Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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