ReVerb: Talking Pictures Step 2

From the outside, the brown paper and free handwriting make it looks like a small vintage storybook that you can find anywhere.

However, when you open it, the pigeons pop out like a magic show.

We used stitches to connect each page. The whole book run like a timeline, which it is, from the ground to the sky. The stitches added a little fun decorating to the whole piece, it makes the whole crafting vibe stands out.

One fun fact about this zine is, there is a magic trick for the readers to play with a friend. First, grab one side of the book and hold still, and turn the pages like a traditional book. For people who never touch the zine before, they would follow your direction and think this a blank book. At this time, you can play the drum beat like what they do on stage, extend the whole with two hands: Bom! The pigeons pop out!

There are two reasons why we choose this way to make the book: First, we wanted it to be vintage looking. I have a huge crush on vintage things, I find them unique cherishable since they survive the strongest weapon in the world: Time. That is why the cover of the book is how it is. Second, It is cheaperly looking, and cheaply made as well. Because it is a zine, I want people to pay less attention to the book but the content instead. I don’t want people to treat it as “art”. A zine to my own understanding is what you can grab and go and pass to someone else without a single doubt. The moment of joy is the most important.

Jun Zheng Parsons 2022 Fashion design

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