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Our site is Union Square, a historical place in America. We interviewed people who have different jobs and in different identities. There was a group of teenagers who hang out there all the time after school and artifacts impressed them were condoms and rats. A faculty was there helping film a tv show called the Sweetbitter. He only comes here openly because of the film. An African American old man was sitting by the farmer’s market with two cameras. He told us he hang out here since 1960. There were a lot of changes in Union Square since then, the buildings were reformed, though several of them kept the old building while adding a layer on it.

Background of the site: 14 Street-Union Square contains

  • 46LN, and Q trains at all times
  • 5 and R trains at all times except late nights
  • W train on weekdays
  • <6> train weekdays in the peak direction



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