space is a place

Real-Time Space:
My room.

A cat jumped in when I opened the window.

That was a regular Sunday morning, I opened my window to breath. It was extremely hot inside. What? Why? I don’t know. Maybe the manager wants us to use AC in the winter. Anyway, my room was in high heat. I felted it was time to let some air in. Our window only opens a little, for safety reasons of course. It was the right size for an adult cat to sneak in. So it happened. I’m no the cat, how would I know the details? Can you stop asking meaningless questions and just listen to me? So if I’m being too aggressive, but the cat was there when I pull my head up from my phone. A fat fluffy ginger car, stood on my table, with my eyeshadow palette on the floor, smashed. Does cat always looks that clean? It(I can’t tell its gender so “it” is what I’m gonna use for the rest of story) looks like it just ran away from home. I love cats in general, I am a cat person, and I like makeup too. In the exact moment, I can’t decide if I want to hug it or punch it. It looked at me like it already made that decision for me—It jumped on my tummy.

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