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Our artifact is called Arbitrary Door. It has the power to deal with time, our four very different characters would meet each other because of this. Atos was brought to Union Square by it, Nana and 99 helped him with it, and Trissa was the owner. The reason we decided to use a camera to do the appalling cause its specialty: Stop time. A camera could store memory, people could see the past and present with a camera. In our story, God gave it the power of the future as well.  Union Square is a very historical place in New York, and it also changes a lot compared to other historical places. I think they have a connection as standing still in the change of time.


We pick a scene from the story where Nana and Trissa were discussing the way to send Atos back and put it into the design of the camera: The viewers could pull the film to follow along with their conversation.


 We used cardboard as the base to build the model of camera.

We edit the conversation in the film on photoshop and print them out.

It was quite hard to cut the right size for the film to go through without moving around.

We spray paint it with a copper metallic color, therefore, the camera has a vintage finishing.

Here is a complete look of the camera with the site.

    • What the assignment was: Time effects
    • What site you chose: Union Square
    • How your research influenced your project: We learned about the changes in Union Square was huge compares to places like China Town, and also the subway station contains many lines which inspire me to create the character 99.
    • How your artifact relates to your story: explained in the first paragraph.
    • The name of your artifact: Arbitrary Door
    • The Title for your story: The stolen camera and the lost guy

The names of all of your group members: Grace, Paola, Nikura, Linone-sentence

  • A one-sentence personal reflection about the project. (ie. “I liked this because…”, or “This project was a challenge because….”) : This project was a challenge because our schedule was very different, it was hard to make the roll going continuously.


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